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A Letter to Cancer

Dear Cancer,

You’ve become familiar with so many people in our world. You are capable of taking away lives and causing pain and sorrow to many thousands of people today. But it’s not just that. You take people through suffering and a journey that they will never be able to forget. No one considers you a friend. Rather something that deprives people of their dreams to live life to the fullest. But don’t forget that by doing this you’re making the survivors and caretakers stronger than ever.

You have set a fire inside the eyes of people giving them the willpower, hope and strength to live and fight you. You have taught people to think better, pray and spread optimism and positivity. You’re the reason people are living their lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it. You’re living proof that people aren’t born heroes. Their experiences and situations shape them into individuals with impeccable strength and love towards the world. We’re rooting for them. We’re fighting for them. We’re doing all we can to find a cure and move ahead. Isn’t it ironic how you can take over a person's body but only by strengthening the patient and their mindset exponentially?

You’re a cruel disease. Lurking in the corners of one’s body and causing immense devastation to their loved ones and themselves. You don’t discriminate between any genders, religions or ages. Research is advancing. Our world isn’t the same. It’s growing. People are connecting and your effects must begin to fade away soon. Until then we hope that you do not hold back the innocent from living as they wish. We hope to bid farewell soon but as the battle continues we can only wish you to leave us alone and for good. We plan to celebrate life no matter what.

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