• Nyssa Jain

How to Deal With the Fear of Remission

For cancer survivors, the fear of remission is a common concern. This fear can lead to anxiety and unnecessary panic. Here are some things that can help to cope with such feelings:

  1. Express– allowing yourself to accept and acknowledge this feeling is the first step towards healing and coping. Find things to do that are stress relieving to you like meditation, yoga, reading, journaling, etc. A good night’s sleep is very important. Sharing your fears with someone, or talking to a close friend or a family member can incite calm and relief.

  1. Ask and be informed– after treatment is over and you are healthy once again it is important to keep up with your regular appointments and follow-ups. Ask your doctor questions and discuss what you can do to minimize the chances of recurrence.

  1. Emotional support– support groups are a group of people dealing with something similar to you and that is where they express themselves. It's a way of proving that no one is alone in their struggle and provides a beacon of hope while hopefully providing light and companionship.

  1. Day-to-day schedule– while keeping yourself healthy should be your priority it is also equally important to organize your daily life so you have enough time to yourself and for every other daily activity. In between your day designating about 15-30 minutes to worry can be relieving. This should be the only time you think about your fears and worries while you enjoy the rest of your day.

Keeping all these in mind it is essential to relax and enjoy. To be healthy one is supposed to live in a healthy and positive environment. While dealing with cancer and the fear of its recurrence, one should live life to the fullest, experience new things, and experiment a little too. Dealing with cancer isn’t easy but if you have a strong mind and a determined spirit nothing can stop you from being the happiest version of yourself. As someone rightly said, “ There is a CAN in cancer because we can beat it!”

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