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The Silent Disaster - TCP's First Event

The 5th of December, 2021, was a momentous day for Teens for Cancer Patients, with its first event, "The Silent Disaster: Impact of COVID-19 On Cancer Prevention". An event that introduced essential topics such as cancer prevention and lack of economic aid towards cancer, TCP managed to rope in more than 90 teenagers and adults to listen to significant issues that plague the Indian medical sector.

The event kicked off with a keynote speech by Padma Shri winner, Dr Ravi Kannan, the Director of Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. After that, our President and founder, Varshini Vijay, gave a keynote speech on TCP and its impact.

Next, we were at one of the most exciting segments of the event - the panel on the impact of COVID-19 on cancer prevention and treatment. With esteemed panellists Ruby Ahluwalia, founder of "Sanjeevani: Life Beyond Cancer", expert researcher, professor, and clinical scientist at WHO Dr Ravi Mehrotra and Mr Mathew Chandy, CEO of Bangalore-based hospice Karunashraya and our host, Richa Thyagarajan, the audience heard answers to essential questions such as "How did India cope with the pandemic?", "What does cancer prevention mean?" and "Is there a way to prevent cancer?". The panel concluded with each panellist offering advice to teenagers on how they can help this cause, which all attendees embraced.

We then moved on to the workshops, which were held to raise awareness on the Lack of Funds, Lack of Medical Resources in Hospitals and Lack of Awareness of the impact of COVID-19 on cancer prevention and treatment. Attendees were encouraged to provide solutions on the spot, such as donating to our crowdfunding campaigns and leveraging social media to share about our event.

Finally, TCP's Team Leads talked about their teams and their roles to help the cause, such as the Research team, Content team, and the Social Media and Art team.

Our President ended with a closing note. Overall, the event was a great success! We, as an organisation, hope that we can conduct more events like this one and broaden our reach until everyone knows about cancer, can talk about it freely, and has no misconceptions about it.

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